Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace

Why Choose Tabletop Fireplace?

Nothing warms up a room or provides an atmosphere quite like a fireplace. However, if you’re a renter or the owner of a place that is a little tight on space, you don’t have to sacrifice the heat and comfort of a fireplace when a tabletop fireplace exists. Aside from just having the fireplace, which is reward enough, there are a number of benefits to having a tabletop fireplace.

Space Saving

The obvious benefit is the space saving ability of the tabletop fireplace. You don’t have to free up any space more than a table. This is particularly convenient if you live in a smaller home that doesn’t allow for the space that a traditional fireplace can take up.


Another benefit of the tabletop fireplace is that it’s more affordable than installing a fireplace or buying an electric one. Not to mention that the heating bill won’t have to increase as much as having a fireplace would. You can get a quality tabletop fireplace for around $90; sometimes less if it’s on sale.


Tabletop fireplaces operate off of ethanol bio technology. This frees up a lot of the conformities that regular wood burning fireplaces present. The result is the freedom of creativity and the height of modern design.

Not just for tables

Contrary to what its name suggests, you can actually place a tabletop fireplace in other places. Perhaps you want one on your bathroom vanity, or on your nightstand. They also make “tabletop fireplaces” that are able to be free mounted on the wall or suspended from the ceiling.

Good for the environment

If you are someone who is environmentally conscious, then you’ll be happy to know that having a tabletop fireplace won’t damage the environment as a traditional fireplace would. Traditional fireplace can pollute the air and increase global warming. The bio ethanol technology enables you to have the style and comfort of a fireplace while staying green.

Good for you

Perhaps the environment isn’t too big of a concern for you. But your healthyou’re your loved ones’ health likely is. Did you know that burning wood is actually bad for you? The wood lets off particles that can trigger asthma and allergies and a number of other health conditions. Not to mention, the smoke that it produces isn’t good for your lungs whatsoever. Since you are eliminating the wood and smoke, you are also eliminating the risk for health issues when you have a tabletop fireplace. Based on this benefit alone, it makes having a tabletop fireplace the obvious choice, even if you do have the room and space in your home that would allow for a traditional fireplace.

Put one anywhere

Tabletop fireplaces do not require ventilation, so you can literally place it in any room that you want. Even if the room doesn’t have windows, you can still place a fireplace inside. So, if you live in a small apartment or own a business or restaurant and want to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere, this is a great way to go.

Easy to use

Along with the comfort of a traditional fireplace comes the tedious task of having to buy more firewood and poke at the fire to keep it going. A tabletop fireplace requires little to no maintenance.

If you’re looking to add the style of a fireplace to your home but either don’t have the space or don’t want the difficulty and inconvenience of a traditional fireplace, then you might consider a tabletop fireplace. From their stylish, environmentally friendly design to their affordability, functionality, and ease of use, there really isn’t a reason not to get a tabletop fireplace.

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