Solid Wood L Shaped Triple Bunk Beds

L Shaped Bunk Beds Ideas

Whether you’re looking for a space saver, or a way to have more than one bed in a room, the L-Shaped Bunk Beds provide a great solution.

As far back as the Brady Bunch, we can remember bunk beds. They were a way that you could stack two beds on top of the other, enabling you to sleep more than one person in a room without wasting valuable floor space.

L Shaped Bunk Beds are a modern spin on a classic favorite. They provide a lot more options when it comes to designing a room than the original.

Kids Room

If you’re a parent, you know the importance of creating a bedroom that kids enjoy while employing a sense of style and the functionality of space and storage.Whether you’re trying to have two kids sleep in the room or if your one child is going to be using the room for more than sleeping, L Shaped Bunk Beds are a way that you can satisfy whatever needs that you have.

For example, the classic L Shaped Bed has two beds. One of them usually resembles the top bunk that you’re used to seeing. The bottom is perpendicular forming an L, hence the name. This comes in handy if you have more than one child sleeping in the room or if you need the room for sleepovers.

But L Shaped Bunk Beds don’t always have to be two beds. They also can be purchased with a convertible bottom bed that goes from a futon to a bed. The futon gives a nice seating option in the bedroom that can be turned into a bed whenever you need it to be.

The space underneath the top bunk bed and next to the bottom can be very useful. One option is to place a desk underneath in the open area that provides a space that homework can be done. Another option, you could place a dresser or bookshelf in the open space to give an alternative to storage of books, toys, or clothes. One more idea is to use the open area created by the L Shaped Bunk Bed to make a play area for your child. Some of the bunk beds even come designed as play houses or tree houses which gives a nice play room for your kids.

The possibilities are endless of what design ideas you could employ when you free up a lot of the floor space that would normally be taken up.

Studio Apartment

L shaped bunk beds aren’t just for kids. If you are someone who lives in a studio apartment or in a dormitory that you have to furnish, an L Shaped Bunk Bed really works as a space saver. You can sleep on the top, and have a desk or storage in the open area. Having a small space doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice having a bed.

Some people believe that L Shaped Bunk Beds provide convenience but at the expense of comfort. This all depends on the type of mattress that you decide to buy. You could easy spend money on a memory foam or pillow top mattress and enjoy a great night’s sleep on your bed.

An L-Shaped Bunk Bed is a bedroom option that some people don’t think of either because they think it won’t work or that they have the image of the old bunk bed that didn’t leave room for much design or storage options. Not only is it something that children find fun, but also works wonders for storage or space. Even if your days of being a child are over, you can still use an L-Shaped Bunk Bed to save on valuable space.

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