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Lots of people like to have bookshelves in their homes, whether they actually stores books or not doesn’t really matter. They can make wonderful additions to any room, when placed properly.

The Designs

From a design stance, what’s great about bookshelves, is that they come in a wide variety of styles and colors. You should be able to find a bookshelf to match any kind of decor your room might have.

14 Asymmetrical Shelves Bookshelf
14 Asymmetrical Shelves Bookshelf

The shelf bookcase, is probably the most common types of bookcases. In terms of function, it’s nothing fancy, just a couple of shelves. Some of them have preset numbers of shelves at a preset level. Some others give you the ability to customize the height of each shelf. These come in all different shapes and sizes, and are available from pretty much any department store.

Leaning Desk with Bookcases
Leaning Desk with Bookcases

The leaning bookcase is very similar to a leaning desk. It leans or some bolt into the wall. The design is very minimal and usually doesn’t have a backing to it, which makes it fairly easy to move around. Sometimes the shelves are the same size and other times they get shorter as they get higher.

Built-In Bookcases and Wet Bar
Built-In Bookcases and Wet Bar @

The built-in bookcase is exactly what it sounds like. The built-in is a little bit trickier to implement, because it does take some construction. However, you do save a lot of space. The biggest problem with it is, unlike other bookshelves, it cannot be easily moved.

The corner bookcase is perfect for people tight on space. The corner of a room is sometimes hard to decorate, but the corner bookcase does it masterfully.

These are only a few common examples of bookcases available. In today’s modern world, many people are willing to take a little extra effort and either DIY their own custom bookcase or order a custom one.

When going for a unique modern take on the bookcase, there are really no limits. Some custom shelves are very abstract in nature, some are extremely complex in design, some are elegant in their simplicity and other will defy your logic.


Bookcases come in many different styles. They range from cheap plywood models to hard solid oak designs. Since most of them are wood, they fit great with just about any kind of decor. The choice of color can be limited at times, but again, there’s enough standard colors to match just about anything or you could always repaint them.


It’s the idea of being able to store or showcase something in the bookshelf, that makes having a bookshelf so wonderful. You can line up your favorite books, family photos, DVD collection or anything else you can practically think of. Basically, anything you could put on a shelf, you could put in a bookcase.

Some of the custom bookcases available even have integrated reading lights and chairs, that are all seamlessly built right into the bookcases.

A Project Piece

Since the design of the standard and even some non-standard bookcases aren’t that intricate, it can be a great starter DIY home project. In essence, all you need is a few bits of wood, some straight cuts and a few nails to put one together. There are plenty of online resources and tutorials that can help guide you through making a standard bookcase.

For the most experienced craftsman or the more adventurous, it’s very easy to use your imagination and come up with your own unique design. For example, if you cut a canoe in half, install some shelves, put a few coats of paint and varnish on, you could have a beautiful looking end product.

Take the Time

If you’re just looking for a simple bookcase or shelves, you can easily find it at any department store or an Ikea. If you really want a beautiful piece to make a statement, take the time to look for one, or craft one yourself.

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