Indoor Outdoor Birmingham Reclaimed Wood Bench

Birmingham Reclaimed Wood Bench and Table

Before having information about some of the exclusively made Birmingham reclaimed wood benches let us know what a reclaimed wood is, where you can get it and what its benefits are.

What is reclaimed wood?

Usually the wood that comes from a forest and treated properly to make it long lasting and durable is used to manufacture various types of furniture items. But, according the industry experts, the wood that has been used in some other project since long and now transformed to create some new thing is known as reclaimed wood. In this way, a wood is said to be reclaimed when it is used again to make a new furniture item like bookshelf or benches etc, even after being used for some other purpose for a long time.

Where to get reclaimed wood?

The companies manufacturing reclaimed wood furniture items have to search historical societies, government agencies and other similar sources which can provide them reclaimed wood. They usually inspect the quality of wood when they get it from any of the potential sources they were searching since long. If the wood has chemicals or lead paint to preserve it then it should be used for outdoor furniture items instead of indoor items. They deconstruct the old items to get the reclaimed wood to make new furniture items. But they have to deconstruct old items carefully as any carelessness can damage the wood.

Benefits of using reclaimed wood for making new furniture items

The prices of reclaimed wood furniture items can surprise you, while shopping for them. It may be higher than your expectations due to the difficulty faced in finding and finishing the reclaimed wood. Some of the benefits provided by reclaimed wood, discussed here under, also increase its price than other wood items.

Strength: The wood procured from old buildings has taken its time to dry up which gives this wood some additional strength and durability.

Ease of maintenance: The wood obtained from the structures, not in use or unwanted, is easy to maintain than the wood got from a forest while making various types of furniture items.

Size: The wood used in the construction projects earlier was usually obtained from tall trees. So if you are looking for longer panels to make furniture items then it is preferable to use reclaimed wood than freshly cut forest wood.

Features: The wood reclaimed from old structures can be recognised through the features like patterns and texture of its grains, it has attained from its previous life, even though many manufacturers try to give it an entirely new look.

Information about some of the reclaimed wood benches is provided here under to know them more closely.

Birmingham Indoor/Outdoor Reclaimed Wood Bench with Iron Base

Birmingham Indoor/Outdoor Reclaimed Wood Bench with Iron Base

This handmade strong bench is beautifully made from reclaimed wood to increase its durability as its wood was recovered from railroad ties where time has tested its strength for up to 100 years. This bench includes naturally distressed wood on a powder coated Trestle style iron base. This eco-friendly bench is ideal to use outdoors in the garden or patio as well as to decorate indoors with its rustic looks. Slight variation in the texture of the wood used in these benches can give an exclusive look to these uniquely designed hand crafted furniture items.

Reclaimed Wood and Iron Outdoor Bench

Reclaimed Wood and Iron Outdoor Bench

It is another bench crafted from reclaimed shorea wood obtained from railroad ties where it was used for more than 100 years. The time has tested the strength of this wood in the outdoors which ensures its durability while making some furniture item. The natural distressing marks on this wood and powder coated base of iron frame in a bronze finish give each eco-friendly bench an exclusive rustic look suitable for you outdoor yard or patio.

Reclaimed Elmwood Telluride Bench

Reclaimed Elmwood Telluride Bench

This bench made from reclaimed Elmwood can be ideal for you if you want to add some additional sitting area in your family room, kitchen or entry way. The rustic finish and simple but versatile design of this furniture has universal appeal. The reclaimed Elmwood used in crafting this bench has been obtained from more than 100 years old doors. The variations in the grains of the wood with a bit imperfection provide a unique look to each of these benches. Their natural vintage look is due to the textured finish of the reclaimed wood with heavily distressed finish to make them suitable with any kind of decor.

Along with making benches reclaimed wood is also used for making various types of tables with metal base. Some of the reclaimed wood tables are discussed here under for your consideration.

Birmingham Console Table in Reclaimed Wood and Metal

Birmingham Console Table in Reclaimed Wood and Metal

This console table is beautifully hand crafted from reclaimed wood to give an amazing look to any outdoor or indoor location. The reclaimed shorea wood used in this handcrafted table is obtained from almost 100 years old railroad ties. The long exposure to air and sun has given this wood a naturally distressed and characteristic look. A powder coated iron base is used underneath this reclaimed wood to make this handcrafted console table that can be used perfectly as display table in outdoors as well as indoors like in the living room, entry way, patio or serving area of your home. Slight variations in the texture of its reclaimed wood provide each table an exclusive look.

Birmingham Round End Table in Reclaimed Wood and Metal

Birmingham Round End Table in Reclaimed Wood and Metal

This round end table is beautifully hand crafted from reclaimed shorea wood to be used amazingly in the indoors as well as outdoors. The dense wood used in this table has obtained lots of characters as it was used as railroad ties since about 100 years. The time has given it distressed features in a natural manner. This table made from reclaimed wood has Trestle style iron base coated with powder. It can be used perfectly as a display table in your living room or serving area as well as in a foyer or patio. The design of each of these tables is unique due to slight variations in the texture of their reclaimed wood.


Thus, if you want to give a rustic look to your outdoor or indoor location then the handmade reclaimed wood benches or tables can be the best choice for you.

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